My Morning Portrait with Selden Beylouni

I spent the morning photographing Selden Beylouni at her Buckhead boutique salon off of Pharr Road. A touch of sweetness, professionalism, and from-the-heart business. We talked about her clients and what she wanted to portray in her imagery and the repeated theme was openness. With swirly black and white candy pops, candles and her super mod smocks I was in photo-heaven in this white-on-white minimalist studio.
*Selden -ErinAshford-17a
*Selden -ErinAshford-11a
*Selden -ErinAshford-31a

*Selden -ErinAshford-16a

*Selden -ErinAshford-38a

*Selden -ErinAshford-30a

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