Nexus Award 2011 – Louis Corrigan

The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center recognized Louis Corrigan for his profound contribution to contemporary visual art in Atlanta and beyond. He was awarded the 2011 Nexus Award and what a beautiful and inspiring night it was.
Nexus - ErinAshford-119
Nexus - ErinAshford-8
Nexus - ErinAshford-104
Nexus - ErinAshford-18a

Nexus - ErinAshford-12

Nexus - ErinAshford-1

Nexus - ErinAshford-2
Nexus - ErinAshford-52

Nexus - ErinAshford-46

Nexus - ErinAshford-73

Nexus - ErinAshford-84
Nexus - ErinAshford-128

Nexus - ErinAshford-114

Nexus - ErinAshford-124
gloATL put on a gorgeous fawn-inspired public intervention piece with ambient nature sounds and balloons while guests watched with delight. Images by Erin Ashford

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