F50 – Founder World

F50 is a “venture capital syndication platform funding the next generation of startups.” I was hired to capture the speakers and all the energy surrounding the event at San Francisco’s Pier 27 for Founder World.

“What is it about cats? They never get old,” t-shirt owner said. So I looked up the history of cats on the internet and found this article and art exhibition. Check it out: “How Cats Took Over the Internet.”

When I get hired for an event I document everything the client asks for.


I’m also capturing things I see that interest me; hair styles,

odd outfit combinations (pajamas),

joyous interactions,

emotional interactions (guy yelling his ideas)

and many other reasons why people come to these events.









Getting the feel for an event requires some photo-ninja skills; manual focus, hiding and occasionally talking with people.

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