Vacant Buildings filled with Art imagery by Erin Ashford

I came to Atlanta for work and was invited by a friend to an art walk on Edgewood Ave. Hosted by DashBoard Co Op and together with many talented artists, support from Fulton County Arts Council and many local businesses, 8 artists from Atlanta, New York and New Orleans were selected to create and share work within 5 vacant Edgewood Ave buildings. See for yourself…

Join us Wednesday, Nov 9 from 7 to 9 p.m. as we bid farewell to 5 art-filled, formerly vacant spaces along Edgewood Ave. Once again, you’ll follow the glitter stars WEST beginning at 427 Edgewood to see challenging, site-specific works by Nikita Gale, Justin Rabideau, Lee Deigaard, Henry Detweiler, Nathan Sharratt, Iman Person, P Seth Thompson, and Aubrey Edwards. Learn more about each of these artists.

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